About Us:
Owner of New Orleans-based Lott Renovations, Gibson Lott grew up in New Orleans and at a young age became captivated by the city’s unique architectural footprint. After earning a history degree from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn., Gibson and his wife Carrie returned to New Orleans and founded Lott Renovations in 1997.
Initially, Lott Renovations specialized in acquiring, renovating, and re-selling quality historic homes in blighted neighborhoods. His clients typically were young, first-time homebuyers. Gibson’s reputation for developing high quality projects at a fair price earned him wide respect among the city’s subcontractors and developers, and his business grew rapidly. Today, Lott Renovations has expanded its business scope to include new construction, private contract work, and property management in addition to historical restoration.
Gibson, as a Louisiana licensed real estate broker, and Carrie have completed more than 80 quality renovation and new construction projects since the company’s inception. Gibson also holds a residential and commercial contractor license and is a member of the Louisiana Homebuilders Association. In 2004, the Historic District Landmarks Commission awarded Gibson honorable mention for the historic renovation of one of his Irish Channel properties.

“Lott Renovations has assembled a cast of highly-skilled carpenters and subcontractors capable of replicating every aspect of the fine architecture and craftsmanship found in New Orleans’ historic homes. There are no better carpenters in the city than those employed with Lott Renovations.”

- Gibson Lott, Owner Lott Renovations, LLC

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